Kids Write Scenes For 'Magic Mike' Only For Channing Tatum To Act Them Out

"I'm like regular Mike, except magic."

So we all know that "Magic Mike," a movie documenting the life of a male stripper played by Channing Tatum, is not for kids. But what if it was? And let's just take it a step further... what if the script was actually written by kids?

Who else but Jimmy Fallon could give us the answer to this.

He and Channing Tatum got together to reenact scenes from famous film—but with a twist.

These scenes were written by elementary school kids. All they were given was the title "Magic Mike" and the rest was up to their imagination and screenwriting skills. Clearly there are no male strippers involved, but then again... pumping up a bike tire with a "magic pump" is pretty darn hilarious.

"I'm like regular Mike," Tatum reads from the script while holding in his laugh. "Except Magic."

Watch the entire video below.


These kids have some talent. We'll give you that!

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