Jimmy Fallon Asked His Fans To Show Kindness For His Birthday, And They Delivered

"If you want to give me a present I would LOVE this."

Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon celebrated his 44th birthday on Wednesday, and he had a wish to share with his Twitter followers. He thanked them for their birthday messages and then asked them to "do a random act of kindness" and let him know about it.


"You can be detailed or just say 'Happy Birthday Jimmy' and I'll know you did it," Fallon wrote in the tweet, which received more than 33,000 likes. In response, his fans told him about buying coffee for fellow customers, donating supplies to people in need, and taking time out to help strangers.

Many of his followers even shared photos of their kind acts. One user shared that she bought dinner for fellow motel guests who had been displaced by Hurricane Florence in North Carolina. She explained that "our homes were not damaged" and called it "the least we could do."

Another fan shared that she performed random acts of kindness for her own recent birthday, including leaving a Target gift card in a dressing room "hoping a mom would get herself something." She also shared that she left money for a bag of diapers on a shelf at Walmart.

And of course, they couldn't forget animals. One follower saved a dog who was lost on the highway and was able to return her to her family.

Fallon has performed his own acts of kindness in the past. People reported last month that he paid a $1,000 restaurant bill for a group of strangers at a restaurant. 

Before that, he delivered a surprise speech at Marjory Stoneman Douglas high school's graduation following February's tragic shooting. "When something feels hard, remember that it gets better," Fallon told the graduating class. "Choose to move forward. Don't let anything stop you." He had previously attended the March for Our Lives in Washington.

Check out even more acts of kindness from Fallon fans in the tweets below:

Cover image: Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com


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