Watch This Talented 8th Grade Impressionist Join Jimmy Fallon For Double The Trump

He even shows off his Bernie Sanders impersonation.

Earlier this month,  Chicago-area teen Jack Aiello delivered a speech for his 8th grade graduation in which he performed spot-on impressions of this year's presidential candidates. 

The video went viral, and it apparently caught the attention of Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon, who last night welcomed Jack onto the show to do his Donald Trump impression in full costume.

The segment started with Jimmy playing Trump and announcing an interesting running mate. "The only person good enough to be my vice president is me," he declared. "That's why, 14 years ago, I created a clone of myself."

That clone, dubbed Little Donald, was played to perfection by Jack. Together, he and Jimmy nailed Trump's voice and mannerisms. As they explained, they're so in sync they even finish each other's ... walls.


Although he was dressed like Trump, Jack still got a chance to show off his amazing Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton impressions when Jimmy's Donald suggested they make some prank calls.

"Is your refrigerator running?" Little Donald asked Hillary over the phone in Bernie's voice. "Well, so am I. And I'm never ever dropping out."

Oh, and if you're wondering where Little Donald got his talents, the answer is obviously Trump University.

Watch Big Donald and Little Donald do their thing in the video below:


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