Mario Batali Makes Touching Gesture To Help Jim Gaffigan During His Wife's Brain Tumor Recovery

"The whole experience was insanely amazing, but the generosity of kindness and compassion by Mario was most moving."

The people who show us kindness and generosity during moments of hardship are the ones that give us hope in humanity. Comedians Jim Gaffigan and his wife, writer and producer, Jeannie Gaffigan, recently learned this firsthand. Earlier this year, Jeannie was diagnosed with a large, life-threatening brain tumor

The tumor, a benign papilloma of the choroid plexus, was the size of an apple and wrapped around her brain stem. By late April, she underwent surgery and the tumor was successfully removed without damaging her cranial nerves. 


Since then, recovery hasn't been easy, but the Gaffigans feel lucky to have such supportive friends and family members. Yesterday, Jim took to Instagram to share his appreciation them and to highlight American chef Mario Batali for coming through during a difficult wedding anniversary for the couple. 

"I realize we live in strange, maybe even mean times. Like you, I read the news daily shaking my head with horror how humans treat other humans. But there are some amazing people out there," Gaffigan wrote on Instagram. "When @jeanniegaffigan was diagnosed with a brain tumor so many friends, family and strangers stepped up to offer meals, help, encouragement, and prayers. It really blew me away. Thank you so much for everything. One friend was @mariobatali who, with his wife Suzi, sent over numerous elaborate gourmet meals to feed me, the kids and our helpers." 

But Batali's kindness didn't end there. While Jeannie is still recovering from her surgery, the Gaffigans still wanted to go out to dinner to celebrate their 14th wedding anniversary. However, Jeannie still has some limitations, so Jim reached out to Batali in hopes that he could give him a restaurant recommendation. 

 "I was trying to find a nice place for us to celebrate, but given Jeannie can not comfortably eat solids, I was hoping to find a place that did amazing soups (yes, in July.) I knew Mario was on vacation but I hoped he could point me in the right direction," Jim explained.  

Batali insists that the couple dine at his restaurant, Del Posto, for the celebration. 

"When we arrived we saw that Mario had created a custom tasting menu of various gourmet soups with accompanied wines or cocktails," Jim wrote. "Of course, the whole experience was insanely amazing, but the generosity of kindness and compassion by Mario was most moving," 

Jeannie also shared a photo from the dinner on her Instagram, featuring the couple's dessert for the evening. She thanked Batali for making it possible for the couple to go out to dinner for their anniversary. 

During difficult times, showing compassion and offering a helping hand can make a world of a difference for the people who are struggling. 

Gaffigan also shared a sweet Instagram post dedicated to his wife yesterday. The photo was an image of the pair dancing at their wedding. "14 yrs ago today I married the love of my life, @jeanniegaffigan," he wrote. "Together we've created 5 children, 5 hour specials, 2 books, 2 seasons of a TV show and one massive brain tumor." 


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