Planting Fruit Trees in Africa with Fruitful Office

Each and every time you purchase a fruit basket from Fruitful Office, not only are you keeping yourself healthy...

Each and every time you purchase a fruit basket from Fruitful Office, not only are you keeping yourself healthy, but you are also ensuring that other people experience the benefits of fruit too.

Over 2015, Fruitful Office pledged to plant one tree in Malawi, Africa, for every fruit basket consumed by their customers, and the tree planting campaign has been hugely successful.

Planting Fruit Trees in Africa focused on planting trees that could grow quickly, such as guava and papaya fruit trees. These trees only take 3-5 years to grow, and are usually abundant with fruit. Such trees are also very easy to maintain – perfect for the environment in Malawi.

Setting up the campaign

The campaign works by helping all parts of the Malawian community to participate, with Fruitful Office providing tree seedlings and guidelines for their care to householders, farmers, schools and community clubs.

Fruitful Office has also worked hard to provide training sessions for these groups to ensure that the trees are properly cultivated and maintained – even going so far as to provide equipment if needed.

The campaign has allowed for Malawians to benefit from the fruit of the trees and also the wood they provide – even serving as a means of income generation for many.

The campaign is run in association with UK charity RIPPLE Africa. Overall, Fruitful Office were able to plant a grand total of 105,981 trees in Malawi over the course of three months (from July to September 2015), and were sure to keep their clients informed on how the campaign was going, with updates every three months as well.

Taking the campaign further afield

Now, Fruitful Office have plans to take their campaign even further – to the deforested region of Muzuzu.

Fruitful Office have been working closely with the local government forestry staff to see what trees would best serve the area's population of 200,000. At the moment, the plan is to plant fast growing trees such as papaya and guava, as well as trees like senna siamea – another fast grower that is excellent for providing firewood.

Interest is strong among locals in Muzuzu, and Fruitful Office have set a target of raising 300,000 trees this year. These will be planted in the coming months once the rainy season starts.

The Fruitful Office campaign is a wonderful way to help African communities sustain and grow, while ensuring a constant access to fresh fruit. Fruitful Office is committed to bringing the benefits of fresh fruit to everyone, and the company plans to continue to update their customers on how their purchase of fresh fruit baskets benefits the campaign.


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