After Christchurch Attack, People Of All Faiths Join Worshippers At Mosques

"It's beautiful and means so much."

In a powerful sign of solidarity after Friday's terror attack in New Zealand, social media posts from across the world show worshippers of all faiths joining Muslim worshippers at mosques.

49 people were killed and dozens more were wounded in the mass shootings at two Christchurch, New Zealand mosques. In the wake of the terror attack, which prompted global outrage and sorrow, faith communities across the globe decided to show support for their Muslim neighbors by turning up to Friday morning services in support. It's a particularly notable gesture given the fact Muslim communities had expressed similar signs of solidarity over the past year in the aftermath of mass shootings inside other houses of worship.

"Every week, Muslims congregate at a downtown D.C. church for Friday prayers," Maryam Salah, a reporter for The Intercept, tweeted on Friday. "Today, our sisters and brothers of other faiths filled the church pews. A rabbi from a local interfaith alliance addressed worshipers after prayers. Thank you."

Tom Gara, an editor at BuzzFeed, saw the tweet and responded. 

"My wife went to pray at a mosque in Manhattan today and there was the same thing: Jewish community leaders at the entrance with signs of solidarity," Gara said. "It's beautiful and means so much."

The tweets were representative of a phenomenon happening all across social media Friday: allies of the Muslim community taking the time to show their support. 

Below, you can see a collection of posts from across the globe that went up on Friday.


Cover image via Matthew Chattle / Barcroft Images / Barcroft Media via Getty Images


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