Some Thieves In Britain Just Executed The Most Amazing Jewelry Heist Ever

"Ocean's Fourteen"?

A group of thieves in London have made off with up to £200 million ($300 million U.S.) in jewelry. 

The heist, reported on early Tuesday morning, is believed to have happened at Hatton Garden Safe Deposit over Easter weekend, NPR reports. An alarm sounded Friday, but it is unclear what — if any — action was taken.

But that's just the beginning. According to reports, the criminals' plan was executed much like Hollywood would have you imagine.


They apparently came in through the roof.

Descended down the elevator shaft.

Penetrated fortified steel safes.

And then made out with the jewels.

70 deposit boxes were opened in the jewel heist, the BBC reported. If the estimates are even close to true, it will be the largest heist in Britain's history, smashing the £53 million robbery of 2006.

To make things even more movie-esque, the ex-police chief of Scotland Yard's Flying Squad believes a fire that caused large-scale evacuations in the city may be tied to the robbery. 

"I've never heard of an outage of electricity like that causing a fire lasting as long as that," John O'Connor told LBC Radio. "That seems to me to be too much of a coincidence."

So... Who is going to write this script? 

Update: A fire Brigade in Holborn has said the fire was not related to the heist. 


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