This Jet-Powered Snowboard Is All You've Ever Wanted


Jude Gomila had a problem: Every time his snowboard would get stuck on flat ground, he'd have to watch skiers blow past him. 

To solve that issue, he saw two options: "flying down an approaching slope at dangerously high speeds, or build a 3-D printed electric jet-powered snowboard." The San Francisco-based entrepreneur chose the latter. 

The 30-year-old Gomila started snowboarding for fun about 10 years ago, but visions like this could revolutionize the sport. 

"I hate coming to the bottom of a really fast run and getting stuck in a green or totally flat area," Gomila told A Plus. "Especially when slopes are very crowded it is pretty dangerous to zoom through narrow spots. Skiers have the advantage of using poles and pushing with their skis to move forward."


Here is his first office test:

Gomila warns that if you don't have electrical or mechanical experience, you should shy away from taking this creation on. The fans and the high voltage make it particularly dangerous. That being said, if you're interested in making one of your own, here is how you do it

And here it is on flat ground in Tahoe:

On his website, Gomila explains what he hopes to add in the future:

Future modifications

-Adding a flexible layer between the mount and the board to allow easier turning and keep the mount connected to the board.

-Allowing a sliding connector so the mount can be removed and put back on at any time.
-More waterproofing.

-Adding some finger guards and safety.

-Better calibration of the wireless controller.

-A safety cut off switch.

-Switching to gas jet turbine 55lbs of force for uphills and more safety.


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