Stuntwoman Crushes 'American Ninja Warrior' Obstacle Course Dressed As Wonder Woman

At 5 years old, she wanted to run away and join the circus.


Los Angeles-based actress and stuntwoman Jessie Graff dominated the obstacle course on NBC's American Ninja Warrior's eighth season premiere last week. Dressed as Wonder Woman, Graff crushed a variety of difficult obstacles with the resolve becoming an elite professional athlete.

In doing so, the 5-foot-8, 120-pound Graff — a former NCAA pole vaulter at the University of Nebraska — became the first woman to complete the course this season.

Graff's résumé notes that she has been doing stunt work since 1997, and has been seen in a diverse range of movies and television, including X-Men First Class, Iron Man 2, and the Supergirl series.

Graff's agility and balance allowed her to easily negotiate the obstacles.

She describes herself as a "professional stunt woman living out my dream of being a superhero" on her website and notes the sacrifices made by her mother, who "found a gymnastics gym an hour away that she took me to four days a week while working three jobs" beginning when Graff was just 9 years old.

Looks like it paid off. She will now move on to the next round of the competition.

Watch the complete video here:

For more from this inspiring athlete, check out Jessie Graff's Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook page.

(H/T: Nerdist)


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