The Daily Show's Jessica Williams Has A Solid Reason Why Women Should Not Be Happy About The New $10 Bill

Tell 'em, Jessica!

Last week, the U.S. Department of Treasury announced historical news: for the first time in 100 years, a woman's face will appear on American dollar bill, the $10 bill to be exact. 

Lots of people rejoiced at the step towards equal representation on our own money, especially after many women fought to make this a reality

But not everyone was happy about the news. The Daily Show's correspondent Jessica Williams had a bone to pick about it and did so in a conversation with Jon Stewart on last night's segment. What bone exactly? Well, this isn't as much as a win as we think it is. 

"This is a giant leap forward for womankind, yes?" Stewart jokes.

"Yeah, sure, if by giant leap you mean awkward trip forward on jagged sidewalk that you pretend to do on purpose," she responded. "The 10 [dollar bill] was just in line for a makeover."

Jon playfully presses her, "But a woman will be featured, yes?" 

She then lays it on thick, like how the bill will still have Alexander Hamilton on it, because obviously women need chaperones, the fact that paper money will be obsolete by the time the bill actually comes out and the cold, hard truth that people actually don't know or really care whose on cash at all. 

There are a lot more important things to worry about. Here are just a few (hilariously true) reasons why we shouldn't be too excited about the change.


1. It wasn't done because the Treasury Department spontaneously cared about women being on money.

2. It's just the $10 bill. People are using their phones to pay for stuff nowadays. Talk to us when Olivia Pope is on a bitcoin.

3. Having one woman's face on a U.S. $10 bill doesn't mean much if we don't make us much as men in real life.

Watch her slay in the full clip below (skip to about midway to see Williams' segment):


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