Mom's 'Fucket Buckets' May Just Be The Parenting Hack You Need

"I think I've just found my answer."

Any parent who's tired of picking up after their kids (read: all parents), could take a tip from Jessica McGinty, the mom behind the Facebook page Mishmash Moments. After deciding she'd had enough kid clean up, she created what she calls the "Fucket Bucket," or buckets where all of her five children's belongings are to be dumped and kept organized. In a Facebook post, McGinty shared a photo of the neatly lined-up buckets, each one a different color. But there's a slight catch:

"If they leave it laying around, it goes in their bucket. If it's still there at bedtime, it goes in the bin because 'fucket' if I'm cleaning it up," McGinty writes. 


McGinty tells Scary Mommy that the buckets are even helping her kids out, too.

"We're a blended family of five, 9 and under – 9, 7, 7, 6, and 2. It's working well so far. I can wander around and pick up any missed things and drop them in the buckets and the kids love them, knowing exactly where things they've missed are," she says.

McGinty's post subsequently went viral, garnering over 27 thousand shares and 24 thousand comments in less than a week. 

"I think I've just found my answer," one person writes, tagging their friends. Other people add that they too need the Fucket Bucket system. 

"The response has been crazy, to be honest! I had no idea it would resonate so much," she tells Scary Mommy.

Of course, everyone parents differently, and some people have criticized McGinty's technique. But in an update on her Facebook page, McGinty addresses those critics: "Hey, all you new people who don't take life (or parenting) too seriously! Welcome! And to the negative nancy types who think I'm disrespectful, or not teaching them right, or whatever else. Get over it, have a laugh. You must be fun at parties."

Even if the Fucket Bucket method isn't right for you and your family, perhaps McGinty's suggestion will inspire you to develop your own parenting hacks for your home. Either way, we're pretty sure the Fucket Buckets will result in a good laugh. 


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