This Photographer Captures Intimate Portraits Only To Reveal The Difference Between Millennials And Generation Z

Wonder what the future has in store?

There has been a lot of talk about what millennials are as a generation. Are they more creative, self-centered, entitled? But there hasn't been a lot of light shed on the next generation, Gen Z. Kids born between 1995 and 2012 have yet to have their moment in the spotlight. We can't know for sure who they will turn out to be, but we can start out by observing their environment.

Jessica Longworth, an Australian photographer and a millennial herself, set out to document the life of the next generation in her latest photo series titled "Gen Z Kid." As Longworth explained to A+, her inspiration is her subject. The 12-year-old featured in most of these photos with her friends is the photographer's little sister Demi.   


"The most fascinating thing about this generation is that they are the first generation that didn't experience the pre-internet world," Longworth told A+.

"Their early engagement with technology and social media and the world has made this generation a more empowered group of kids."

Longworth's website explains :

"Nearly a third (29 precent) of Gen Z's report spending more than 10 hours a week interacting with their phone. This is much higher than previous generations; 26 precent for Gen Y, 13 precent for Gen X and only 4 precent for Baby Boomers. There is little time spent outside for Demi, if any, it is a quick run to the shop with friends to buy take away slushies. The girls then retire to Demi's room where they listen to music, play dress ups and take selfie's to add to Demi's collection of multimedia creations."

"I compared my life growing up to Demi's at the age of 12. The difference in the way we interacted, the hobbies we shared was so different."

"It can be overlooked as a bad thing in their lives, although these kids have a great sense of knowledge and social issues of the world, due to the use of the internet at a younger age..."

"... and I think this is important for kids to grow up with."

Never before in the history have kids had so much knowledge at their fingertips — be it YouTube makeup tutorials or awareness of social issues across the globe.The latter does make us excited about the future. We want to know what you think.

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(H/T: Vice)


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