Jessica Chastain And Jimmy Fallon Take Aim At Hollywood's Sexist Audition Process

"Can you try it again, but hot?"

Jessica Chastain is consistently outspoken about sexism in Hollywood, and on Friday night's episode of The Tonight Show, she joined Jimmy Fallon to take aim at the audition process in a pre-recorded sketch called "Every Audition Ever."

The funny spoof points to a sad reality for many women in the entertainment world, as Fallon's off-camera casting director picks apart Chastain's reading of the line, "Hi, my name is Angela. It's nice to meet you." Mostly, he just wants her to sound hotter.


"Can you try it again, but hot?" he asks her at first. But it's not long before he adds "sweet and modest" to the requirements, as well as "younger." At one point, Chastain is relieved to hear that he wants her to be "smart, accomplished, and empowered," before he realizes he read his notes wrong.

Fallon's demands get more and more ridiculous as the sketch goes on. When the audition is over, Chastain leaves and is replaced by a male actor auditioning with a similar line. You might be able to predict how the casting director reacts to him.

Chastain told Fallon she's gotten "pushback" for speaking out against sexual harassment. As she explained, "I want to do whatever I can to heal our industry. But not only our industry. It's in many, many industries, so help heal our society."

Witness Chastain's ridiculous audition process in the video below:


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