Jessica Chastain Had A Generous Response To A Fan Who Disagreed With Her Views On Abortion

“It is OK if we don’t see eye to eye on everything.”

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It seems as though people are much more vocal about their political stances these days, and often times, that leads to debates and misunderstandings. Such was the case for award-winning actress Jessica Chastain, who got into an online debate about abortion. 

While we are used to most celebrity-fan arguments ending in some epic clap back from either party, Chastain went another route and chose to respond with compassion.


In celebration of International Women's Day on March 8, the Molly's Game actress posted an Instagram photo of herself wearing a feminist T-shirt. Chastain, who is pro-choice, captioned her post with the definition of feminism, "The theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes." This of course prompted many fans to respond with their view of what they believe to be feminism. One woman, Karin Schulz, chimed in, "Yes, feminist that believe in God and stand up for The Unborn. I would be for that kind of feminist."

Instead of making a snap response, Chastain took the time to click on Schulz's account and learn more about her. She found that Schulz currently has a GoFundMe page to support her and her husband's journey to parenthood. Chastain learned about Schulz's painful struggle to get pregnant as well as how important her faith is in her life. With this new understanding about Schulz's point of view, the actress replied to the criticism with compassion:

"Yes, you can decide what is right for you. I am pro-choice and I believe that everyone has the right to make their own decision. I read about your journey to become a mother and it broke my heart. I hope that your dream will come true in 2018! Much love to you." 

Chastain didn't just end it there — she also donated $2,000 to Schulz's GoFundMe, which inspired others to support the cause, too. Fans were amazed at Chastain's reply, even Schulz herself. 

"Thank you for your words of encouragement and loving wishes. I too am a feminist," Schulz said. "It is OK if we don't see eye to eye on everything. We do agree on more than we disagree!! You are my sister, and together wonderful change and more awesome things will happen in this beautiful world we live in."

Schulz's words left Chastain touched. "My eyes filled with tears as I read this, dear Karin," the actress replied. "I have such belief in your dream. Don't give up my sister. It's in your destiny."

Both pro-choice and pro-life stances are valid for different women for different reasons. But this beautiful moment reminds us that feminism is much more than just the politics. It's about supporting and uplifting women, and allowing them the safety and space to make whatever choice is right for them. 

(H/T: Yahoo Lifestyle)

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