Jessica Biel Wants Girls To Be Proud Of Their Bodies, So She's Doing This

"We want girls to know what their [body is going through]."

When Jessica Biel went off of her birth control, she found herself asking "now what?" Even as an adult, she had no idea what was in store for her body or the changes that would occur (on or off BC). Because of this, she realized the way both girls and women understand their bodies had to change. 

And what better way to reach adolescent girls than the Internet?

Biel teamed up with Saundra Pelletier, founder of the nonprofit health care organization WomanCare Global, to conceptualize an online series that will educate girls on everything from puberty to periods to the Pill. 

"More than half of our nation's pregnancies are unplanned, and just 22 states require public schools to teach sex education," Pelletier told Glamour. "Jessica and I realized we can help change this."

According to the women, the series will leave no question, myth or misconception unturned.

They created their first video, in which they reveal why they started the initiative to begin with. 

"The right information will make you powerful," says Pelletier in the video.


"We believe that empowered women are women who feel confident and in control of their bodies," she continues.

The women believe that with the right knowledge, which many girls don't have, we can make safer choices, prevent unwanted pregnancies and avoid STDs. Most importantly, the women hope to eliminate the taboo-ness that has previously come with talking about women's bodies. It's not helping anyone. 

"We want girls to know what their [body is going through] so they don't feel scared or ashamed or gross," Biel also told Glamour. 

Anyone can access the videos on the Women's Care Global webpage.

Though sex vs abstinence-only education is a hot-button issue, the outcomes of either of those methods are black-and-white. Multiple studies have proven that comprehensive sex-ed education actually has decreased unintended pregnancies among adolescents. 

Just another reason Biel and Pelletier believe their new program is needed now more than ever. 

"You have to have the courage to stand up for what you believe in," said Biel. 

Pelletier agrees that girls getting educated about their bodies is vital. As she explains in the intro video, "If you don't tell them, who will?" 

Amen to that. 


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