If Any Guy Tries To Date This Man's Daughter, Here's Why He Might Die

Kinda beautiful though...

Sometimes, when those who have never produced offspring speak to those who have (also known as "parents"), they tend to use a certain, cautionary phrase: 

"When you're a parent, you'll understand." 

The list of items "non-parents" can expect to one day understand includes everything from diaper changing strategies to unconditional love. And, through Button Poetry, Jesse Parent expresses the concept of unconditional love in a way that might help the rest of us comprehend it from a father's perspective. 

The love he feels for his daughter is so powerful that it manifests itself in the form of, well, violence. 

And that violence is directed at one group of men in particular: 


Of course, he won't kill you before you even meet his daughter. That would be crazy. But he completely understands why you'd want to meet her in the first place.

Talking to her is totally fine. In fact, feel free to talk to her. 

Just be careful... 

He's not a monster — and he's not trying to kill these people for no reason. 

He just values his daughter's heart too much to let anyone take it for granted. 

Watch his full video here and see just how ugly it could get for men who don't treat his daughter with an adequate amount of love.


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