This Guy Witnessed A Budding Romance Between 2 Café Employees And Live Tweeted The Whole Thing

"They just asked me if it was OK if they left for a few minutes."

Sometimes you watch a great romance unfold on the silver screen. Other times your own life could be a made-for-TV movie. But one Twitter user found himself right in the middle of someone else's love story — in a café. 

Jerry Clayton was hanging out alone in an empty café minding his own business when he overheard an exchange between two of the shop's employees. One minute, they were just two co-workers doing their jobs. And the next, they were in the middle of an intimate conversation.

Clayton was the only witness to the café employee confessing her romantic feelings to her co-worker. He clearly knows a good story when he hears one, so he live tweeted the entire exchange between the two employees. 


And, wow, are we glad he did, because things got so much better from there.

Just when you started to lose hope ...

They did finally acknowledge Jerry's presence in all of this.

As many other Twitter users have pointed out, this could all totally be fake. But Clayton insists it isn't. And don't you want to be the kind of person who believes two co-workers would finally muster up the courage to confess their feelings for each other and have it all work out? 


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