A Sick Passenger Needed A Doctor. So The U.S. Surgeon General Volunteered.

"They asked if there was a Doctor on board to help with a medical emergency- why yes- yes there was."

When a Delta Airlines flight crew asked if there was a doctor on board, they didn't realize they were going to get help from one of the highest profile M.D.s in America. The U.S. Surgeon General, Jerome M. Adams tweeted on Wednesday that he helped an ill passenger while on his flight headed to Mississippi. 


"On my @Delta flight to Jackson, Mississippi (by way of Atlanta), and they asked if there was a Doctor on board to help with a medical emergency- why yes- yes there was. Patient doing well and like a good #USPHS officer, I was glad to be able to assist!," Adams wrote.

The nature of the patient's medical emergency remains unclear. 

Delta tweeted back saying that the airline was thankful for his help.  

Adams is the 20th Surgeon General of the United States. Sworn into office by Vice President Mike Pence in 2017, he also is a certified anesthesiologist and served Indiana State Health Commissioner from 2014 to 2017. His career motto is "better health through better partnerships."

According to CNN, Delta Airlines said in a statement that once Adams realized the situation, he jumped into to help. 

"Prior to takeoff, Delta flight 1827 from Fort Lauderdale to Atlanta returned to the gate following a customer illness. Medical assistance was provided by the U.S. Surgeon General who worked with our flight crew to aid the customer," Delta said in the statement. "Delta thanks the Surgeon General for volunteering his services in assisting this customer."

The Surgeon General's office did not immediately respond to A Plus request for comment. 

Twitter users praised Adams for his swift action. 

Cover image via alredosaz / Shutterstock.com and Markus Mainka / Shutterstock.com.


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