Talented 18-Year-Old Will Change The Way You Listen To Popular Music Once And For All

So beautiful.

Released this week, a stunning 2015 summer mashup has stopped us in our tracks.

18-year-old Jeremy Green, a classically trained violist, mixed together all of our favorite summer tracks into a gorgeous viola cover that has us wishing for more.

"I choose songs based not only on their popularity but on their meaning," Green tells A Plus in an email. "I like to have fun with every song that I choose, but there must be a certain vibe that I can identify with."


Green explains that he picked up the viola after a devastating knee injury that stopped him from pursuing a track career.

"My teacher introduced me to the viola and I took interest in it very quickly.   My whole world, as it seemed, became centered around the viola and orchestra," he says.

Now, Green has performed at Carnegie Hall, the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts on the Disney Stage, at an awards ceremony honoring Hillary Clinton, and more prestigious events, all before even starting college. 

In the fall, he will be attending Berklee College of Music.

Moreover, Green adds that he finds solace in music, particularly when he's experiencing any negativity in his life.

"Disappointment is inevitable, but how you handle it is a choice. I choose to do something positive..."

"...When you turn on the news all you hear about is bad news, mostly involving teenagers.  As a young man I want to demonstrate to my peers that violence is not the answer. They must find other avenues to deal with their lives.  Music is just one way.  There are so many other ways they too can affect change and keep their lives on a positive track.  They must search within and find something that they are good at doing and do it..."

"...Everybody has a gift," Green concludes. Be sure to listen to his:

The mashup features summer favorites like Jason Derulo's "Want To Want Me," "See You Again," and "Where Are Ü Now." And something about the instrumentals is incredibly touching.

And he's got other covers worth hearing too...

"Lean On"


"Uptown Funk"

Find more on his YouTube channel and Facebook page.


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