Since 1950, This Dress Has Been Passed Down To 19 Family Members To Wear On Their First Day Of Kindergarten

"It's never too late to start a new tradition!"

Some families have traditions of passing down watches or wedding dresses. The Hirt family has a tradition of passing on a special yellow and purple dress to wear on the first day of Kindergarten.


Over the last 67 years, 19 family members have worn the same dress.

Caroline (right) Jenny Hirt's daughter, 4, wore the dress in 2017.  Jenny's aunt, Martha Esch, (left) wore the dress in 1950.  Courtesy of Jenny Hirt

Jenny Hirt's daughter, Caroline, was one of the most recent family members to wear it to her first day of Kindergarten. Hirt explained to A Plus in an email how the tradition came to be. 

"My grandmother, Helen, had four daughters. Her mother, Maude (my great-grandmother) made the dress for Helen's first daughter, Martha. My mother, Katy, is one year behind in school from Martha, so they saved the dress for her. Then my aunt Ruth was born and they kept the dress for her. And on it went."

The photo on the above left shows Hirt's aunt, Martha Esch, wearing the dress in 1950. On the right, is 4-year-old Caroline, the 18th person to wear the dress on her first day of school in 2017. 

To keep the tradition alive, the dress has since been worn in seven different states: Michigan, North Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Ohio, Oregon, and Florida.

Hirt, who is based in Colorado, explained to TODAY that despite the dress's multiple wearers and its age, it remains in good condition. She said that when she received the dress last year, she only had to patch up a few holes and re-attach one sleeve. She also noted the buttons had been moved a few times to accommodate the different-sized kids who wear the dress.

Hirt herself was the fifth person to wear the dress (pictured below in the top left of the collage). Her elder daughter now 6-year-old Ally (left), was the 17th person to wear it.

Courtesy of Jenny Hirt

The most recent person to wear the dress was Hirt's niece, Sylvie Johnson, on her first day of Kindergarten.

And there are three more kids in the family expected to wear the dress next.

The Colorado mom hopes that people reading about the dress think about their own family traditions. "My hope is for those whose families have similar traditions, this brings them happiness to know there are others who value remembering lost family members and the gifts they have given us," she explained. "And for those that do not, I hope this encourages them to start their own traditions. It's never too late to start a new tradition!"

(H/T: HuffPost)


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