18th Century Disciplinary Records Prove Millennials Aren't The Worst Generation

"Making 'obscene toasts' when drunk; hassling the landlady's daughter when drunk ... "

It's no secret that millennials often get a bad rap from those in other generations, but millennials have proven that they do so much more than they're given credit for. A recent thread on Twitter shows why all generations have had their fair share of ups and downs, including those growing up in the 18th century.

Jenny Bann, a self-described "recovering academic," begins a Twitter thread by pointing to an article where an assistant professor says they "can't teach millennials" because "they refuse to take any responsibility for their learning."

Bann then goes on to say that she once transcribed a collection of 18th-century student disciplinary records and wants to "give a quick overview of the things that generation was doing." In doing so, Bann proves that the idea that we can't teach millennials may be a bit of a stretch.

Students in the 1700s, for example, were dueling with swords, getting drunk and kicked out of taverns, getting into fights with "the dancing master," "getting drunk and damaging somebody else's lodgings to the point where he was 'expelled from his Habitation and deprived of his Body Cloaths and the poor Remainder of his furniture to Satisfy the Landlord for his Rent,'" and a whole lot more:


"So while I agree it's annoying when your undergrads don't do the reading and plagarize their essays from SparkNotes, I struggle to believe they're the Worst Student Generation Ever," Bann concludes.

So before we call out millennials for being "the worst," let's consider all the impressive things they have dong, including, but not limited to, valuing community, family, and creativity in their work, having the passion to create a positive difference in the world, and being influential entrepreneurs and businesspeople. Millennials have created sites to help fund children's education, launched some of the biggest social media platforms in the world, created an app that helps alert friends and family when a loved one has had a seizure, and made disinfectant lights that kill germs and bacteria without harming humans. The list goes on and on and on, so the next time you hear someone call millennials the "worst generation," just point them to some 18th century records. 

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