Watch Jennifer Lopez Make Up Some Ridiculous New Dance Moves In A Dance Battle With Jimmy Fallon

"You put me in these things and you know how competitive I am! So I start acting crazy!"

Jimmy Fallon is used to challenging celebrities to play a variety of games with him on The Tonight Show, but we're not sure he was quite prepared for how talented Jennifer Lopez would be at Dance Battle. 

Last night, Fallon and J.Lo took turns picking out pieces of paper from a velvet bag with the words "Velvety Dance Bag" written across it. Each piece of paper had a made-up dance move written on it that the person who chose it would have to interpret and dance out. 

"You put me in these things and you know how competitive I am! So I start acting crazy!" Lopez told Fallon, as they prepared to start picking from the Velvety Dance Bag. 

Fallon decided to dip into the bag first and pulled out "putting on skinny jeans." 

"I can do that one!" Lopez shouted in excitement. But Fallon felt confident he could, too. 

Not to be outdone by the host, Lopez brought her A-game with she pulled out "washing machine on a spin cycle" and "hot cowboy" as her made-up dance routines. To no one's surprise, Lopez can make any move — regardless of how ridiculous — look good. 

By the end, the pair decided to join forces and do a "dance battle duet." They pulled "seeing yourself on the Jumbotron" from the bag and tried to keep it cool at first. Quickly, though, they were losing their minds over seeing themselves on the big screen and tried to overshadow each other. 

The winner was clear from the start, but good effort, Jimmy. 


You can check out their moves in the video below:


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