Jennifer Lawrence Teams Up With Chris Pratt For Sci-Fi Epic 'Passengers'

Two big stars. Space. You make the connection.

Jennifer Lawrence commands plenty of respect at just 24, having already won an Oscar for her performance in Silver Linings Playbook. Chris Pratt, more than a decade older at 35, is well on his way to that kind of respect himself after leading Jurassic World to the biggest opening of all time. So Lawrence and Pratt teaming up for Passengers, a sci-fi romance set in space, is likely to turn the heads of more than a few moviegoers when it's released.

The script has been floating around for a while, but follows a man (Pratt), who is one of thousands of passengers on a colony ship rocketing through space on a decades-long journey. After he's awakened early from cryogenic sleep due to a malfunction, he eventually makes the tough choice to wake another sleeping passenger (Lawrence), so as to avoid years and years of twiddling his thumbs. Inevitably, some tangle consisting of extreme anger, then sadness, then lust, then love will probably ensue.

Speaking of respect, Lawrence is said to be earning $20 million for the film against 30 percent of the profit after the movie breaks even. Pratt is cashing in at "only" $12 million, which has gone up from $10 million after the success of Jurassic World. The overall budget is roughly $120 million after tax incentives, which apparently was a point of contention for Sony Pictures' new motion picture chairman Tom Rothman, but ultimately it seems he couldn't pass up on a film with both Lawrence and Pratt signed on.

Morten Tyldum (The Imitation Game) will direct Passengers, which at one point had Keanu Reeves attached as the star, and actresses such as Reese Witherspoon and Rachel McAdams in the role Lawrence now fills. No release date has been nailed down yet, but with movies set in space picking up steam over the last few years (Gravity, Interstellar and the upcoming The Martian), people will likely flock to theaters whenever it hits.

(H/T: The Hollywood Reporter)

Cover image: Wikimedia


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