Jennifer Lawrence's Ridiculous Dance Moves Will Make You Love Her Even More


Jennifer Lawrence stopped by the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon this week, and because both of them are basically perfect, it was a good time. 

The pair discussed an infomercial video called Come Dance With Us!, starring two people that look uncannily like Lawrence and Fallon. The instructional video is filled with absurd dance moves that are sure to make you the most popular person at the party.  

During the show, Lawrence and Fallon dash back and forth between the main stage and the set of the instructional video. They get more and more out of breath as the moves go on, so we're pretty sure these dances also double as a great workout. 


They're all pretty amazing, but here are some of our favorite dance moves they introduced us to:

1. Lunch Box Salute

2. Row The Boat, Check The Pulse

3. Kick Waterfall

4. Peekaboo-A-Choo

5. Bury The Nut

6. Bowling Confetti

Check out the rest of the moves in the video below:

(H/T: Nylon


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