Jennifer Lawrence Revealed Her Most Humiliating Moment

Her embarrassing stories get better and better.


There are so many reasons to love Jennifer Lawrence, but one of our favorite things about her is how she handles embarrassment. Instead of pretending that humiliating things don't happen to her, she openly shares them in entertaining ways. On The Graham Norton Show, she explained that she met fellow guest Jack Whitehall during a night when she "humiliated herself more than she ever has before." 

"It was probably the best moment of my life," Whitehall said. "And maybe the worst of Jen's." 

Lawrence went on to explain that while she rarely assumes people know who she is, she decided to say hello to Harrison Ford and J.J. Abrams. 

And, by hello, she meant this:

They stared back at her like:

"I realized while I was dancing that they have no idea who I am," Lawrence said. "So, I just turned around and walked back. Dying." 

Whitehall had a much better experience saying hello that night. See how that worked out in the video above. 


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