Watch Jennifer Lawrence And Chris Pratt Struggle Not To Laugh While Insulting Each Other

"I really loved you in 'Everwood,' said no one ever."

Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt are such good friends, they can't even insult each other without laughing. The co-stars have been having a blast together while promoting their new film Passengers, and during their recent stop at BBC Radio 1, they had what might have been their best time yet playing a round of "Playground Insults."

Chris arguably won this game before it even started by jokingly cropping Jennifer out of all his Instagram photos, but he participates nonetheless. The goal is to try to make each other laugh, and these two have that in spades. Jennifer starts to crack up before she can even get her first insult out, and she doesn't keep it together any better when the ball is in Chris' court. 

"Why did they call it Joy?" he asks sincerely, and she promptly loses it.

Chris fares better overall, but he does crack a smile at various jabs, including this one about his early TV work: "I loved you on Everwood, said no one ever."

But possibly the lowest blow comes when Jennifer asks, "Where do keep your Oscar?"

In the end, they both end up in stitches. And we're sure there were no hard feelings. As host Chris Stark says, "The insults will leave the room when you do."


Hear all their harshest burns in the video below, but be warned — it gets a little NSFW:

(H/T: MTV)


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