Watch Jennifer Hudson And James Cordon Face Off In An Epic Rap Battle

Get ready for another awesome Drop the Mic session.

Anne Hathaway, Kevin Hart, and Cara Delevingne are just a few of the celebrities who've faced off against James Corden in Drop the Mic, aka an epic, no-holds-barred rap battle that's all in good fun.

Now, Jennifer Hudson's taking her turn, first listening to Corden's disses about losing American Idol and acting alongside Beyoncé in Dreamgirls.

"You won an Oscar for Dreamgirls, I get it / No one remembers you in that film / 'Cause Beyoncé is in it," Corden says, bringing a smile to Hudson's face. 

But Hudson quickly fires back, cracking jokes about Corden and asking London to take him back from the Americans. 

"Yeah James I lost Idol you got me, you're right / I won an Oscar, a Grammy / Hell, I won at life," Hudson says during her second round.

And finally, Hudson cuts the music, ending her rap acapella and showcasing her vocals to the tune of "And I Am Telling You," reminding us of her powerful Dream Girls solo performance. 

"You're gonna lose to me," she belts, meeting the applause of the audience. 

Now THAT'S how you drop the mic. 

Of course, this is all for entertainment purposes, and we love watching the participants poke a little fun at themselves. You can check it out in full below:



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