Jennifer Garner Answers The Internet's Most-Googled Questions And Reveals A Hidden Talent

We definitely learned a few things about her.

Jennifer Garner is the latest celebrity to participate in Wired's Autocomplete Interview series, in which stars answer the internet's most-searched questions about themselves. In this case, the Love, Simon actress revealed a few things about herself that you may not have known.

For instance, did you know she was a member of the Pi Beta Phi sorority? Not only that, but she can still recite the chant. Garner also shows off her hidden talent for Pig Latin when answering what languages she can speak. If you're fluent in the made-up tongue, you'll hear her say she also knows some Spanish. 


She also clears up some common misconceptions about her — namely, that she played the pink Power Ranger, and that she's related to actor James Garner. As she explains, the pink Power Ranger was played by Amy Jo Johnson, although we can totally see the resemblance. "Shoot, I wish I were the pink Power Ranger," Garner says.

As for the James Garner question, they're not related, although that didn't stop the actress from claiming they were in school. "I used to tell people in the marching band growing up that he was my uncle," she confesses. 

Find out even more about Jennifer Garner in the video below:

(H/T: Hello Giggles)


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