Jennifer Garner And Jimmy Fallon Are On The Same Wavelength In The 'Jinx Challenge'

"I'm not competitive."

How good are Jennifer Garner and Jimmy Fallon at figuring out what the other person is thinking? If Fallon's latest game is anything to go by, the answer might impress you. Garner joined the host to play the Jinx Challenge on Wednesday's Tonight Show, and things got exciting.

One of our favorite things about Fallon's games is that so many of them involve two players working together instead of against each other. That's certainly the case in this game, where Fallon and his guest are challenged with saying the same thing at the same time when provided with a specific category.


Of course, just because they weren't playing against each other doesn't mean Garner didn't get competitive. As she explained, "We're still competing against other people who you've played this with, and I want to beat them." Those other people include Chris Hemsworth, who wasn't particularly successful.

Garner fared much better, naming the same condiment and insect as Fallon. However, we're not so sure about her answer of "John Solo" when the category of "Star Wars characters" came up. She tried to play it off by telling Fallon, "He's in the next one." We're looking forward to meeting him.

Find out how the pair did in the rest of the categories below:


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