People Were Amazed By This Street Performer... But There Was One Problem.

Fascinating experiment.

You've probably seen street performers dressed as statues.


These folks will paint themselves head-to-toe and spend hours on the sidewalk, standing perfectly still, or executing meticulously timed robotic movements. Meanwhile, they often endure petty torments from people who should know better, like the fellow above.

YouTuber, activist and artist Jeff Greenspan noticed a statue — an actual statue — along The High Line in New York City that passersby were ignoring, and decided to do something very interesting.

He added a tip jar to the statue's pedestal.

And suddenly people had a new appreciation for art... Even if they didn't realize what kind of art they were appreciating.

So how much of the world around us do people really pay attention to? At first no one noticed the statue at all, or at least took it for granted... But when they did take notice, they mistook it for something else entirely.

"I think people want to believe amazing and quasi-magical things are out there," Greenspan told New York Mag. "And even if/when people eventually realized it WAS a statue, they seemed supremely satisfied and humored that someone put a bowl of money in front of it, and played with their reality a bit."

He was forced to cut the experiment short after about ten minutes, as people were crowding the statue and causing security concerns.

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