This Couple Threw A Divorce Party To Help Their Family Realize That Separating Doesn't Have To Be Awkward

"We kept the friendship and respect for one another.”"

When Jeff Becerra and Michelle Mahoney decided to divorce after 24 years of marriage, they knew it was important to put their family first, especially for their daughters Emma and Rylie. So, the couple threw a divorce party, complete with balloons, catered food, and dancing when their divorce was finalized.


Even organizing it was a family affair. Emma was involved with the two months of party planning that went into the celebration. After the big party, Emma shared photos of the event on Twitter and her message went viral.

People loved that Becerra and Mahoney had such a positive outlook on their separation. Some are wishing that their parents had the same attitude when they separated, while others are wishing the newly separated couple the best of luck.

"I'm very happy they are still on good terms this is very rare, but good luck to both on their life journeys."

One user summed it up best, "Seems like they are on the best of terms despite the situation."

Mahoney told BuzzFeed that the party was about putting family and friends first, and letting them know that divorce doesn't have to be awkward.

She explained, "We wanted to divide what we had built together fairly and to keep family first. We felt that we did that and we felt that was a reason to celebrate."

Even after the party, Mahoney states that she and her now ex-husband remain on good terms. She said, "After the party, we kept the friendship and respect for one another."

(H/T: Elite Daily)


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