After Celebrating 75 Years Of Marriage, WWII Veteran And His Wife Pass Away Within Hours Of Each Other

A beautiful closing chapter to their epic love story.

Jean and George Spear's love story is about as close to an epic as you can get in real life. 

After celebrating their milestone 75th anniversary just over a month ago, Jean, 94, and George, 97,  passed away within five hours of each other.


It's a heartfelt closing chapter to a love story that began during the dark days of World War II. Canadian soldier George met Jean in 1941 at a dance hall near London, while he was stationed in Britain. George was 21 at the time while his future bride was 18 and working as a firefighter, air raid warden, and a corporal in the Home Guard.

The WWII veteran would later reveal that when he first saw the England-born woman in a red dress at the dance hall, it was love at first sight. Ottawa Citizen reports he said,"That was it for me. I never let her out of my sight."

After dancing the the night away, they were married a year later in 1942 in the bride's hometown of Kingston Upon Thames.

The Sergeant Major went on to serve in Italy and North Africa, before he returned to Canada to work as a trainer. In a secretive operation, Jean joined him in 1944.

She worked to send food packages to Londoners in need and founded the England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland, and Canada Club (ESWIC) for war brides.

The couple had a daughter, Heather, in 1947, and son, Ian, in 1950.

In 2006, they received another honor when Jean was named a Member of the Order of the British Empire. In 2011,  they were invited to a private reception in honor of Prince William and Duchess of Cambridge Catherine. At the event, George showed the Duchess the 1942 photograph of Jean taken on their first date he had tucked inside the beret he wore as a soldier. 

She reportedly asked if he always kept the photo and he replied, "All through the war and ever since."

Ahead of their 72nd wedding anniversary, Jean told the Kitchissippi Times about the longevity of her marriage. "I've taken a lot of time to consider it. I realized when we met that we were on to a good thing. When we got married, we thought we were in heaven. Throughout our lives, the ups and downs, we know that together, we are a good thing. We recognize it and have never failed to acknowledge it."

On August 22, 2017 the couple celebrated 75 years of marriage together. The announcement in the Ottawa Citizen read, "Your love and commitment to each other continue to inspire and encourage us all. Thank you for enriching our lives with yours. Much love, your Family and Friends CHEERS!"

Sadly, 94-year-old Jean developed pneumonia and was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, Sep. 12. After speaking to her husband for the last time on the phone on Sept. 13, he fell into a deep sleep and was later admitted to the hospital. Hospital staff tried to reunite the pair on the same floor, but Jean passed away before they were able to. She died on Friday, September 15 at 4:30 a.m. followed by George at 9:45 a.m.

Thier daughter Heather told the Ottawa Citizen that the family is deeply saddened from the events, but they plan to have a celebration to toast Jean and George's love. "I think we'll have one more Spear party," she said. 

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