Let These Women Spell Out For You Exactly What Fat Girls Can Do

Your dress size has nothing to do with it.

Retailer J.C. Penney is promoting its plus-size clothing line with a social media campaign to inspire women of all sizes to love their bodies. Called the "Here I Am" campaign, J.C. Penney is trying to change the way that society views plus-size women and all the incredible things they're capable of.

A YouTube video with best-selling author Jes Baker, singer-songwriter Mary Lambert, blogger and designer Gabi Fresh, yoga practitioner Valerie Sagun and Project Runway winner Ashley Nell Tipton expresses this empowering message.

In the video, the women explain how they spent years being ridiculed and told that they would never achieve their dreams. But instead of giving into society's expectations, these women proved the haters wrong and demonstrated that there's no relationship between your dress size and your chance at professional success.

As the video explains, "Fat girls can do whatever they want."


"You can do yoga, and you can do rock climbing," the women say together. "Fat girls can run. Fat girls can dance. Fat girls can have amazing jobs. We can walk runways; we can be on the cover of magazines. We can wear stripes."

Seeing yourself in the people that you look up to is hugely crucial to believing that you, too, can succeed. Thankfully, more and more doors are opening in industries to people of all sizes, including in the fashion industry, which is welcoming more plus-size models and seeing a growing demand for plus-size clothing.

J.C. Penney's video is harnessing that thread of body positivity, and they are asking other women to share their empowering stories with the social media hashtag #HereIAm.

Think (Body) Positive is an A Plus original series featuring body positive advocates and thought leaders. Their goal? Encouraging you to love the skin you're in.


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