Jay-Z Has A Reminder For Anyone Who Thinks Kneeling During The Anthem Is Disrespectful

"It’s a human issue."

Jay-Z has recently been using his platform to speak out about issues that matter to him. Last week, for example, he stopped his concert in Cleveland to tell a young girl in the audience that she has "the potential to be the next president of the United States." More recently, he took a moment to send an important reminder to anyone who thinks the act of taking a knee or similar protests is meant to disrespect the flag.

According to the Huffington Post, during his performance at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on Sunday, Jay told the audience, "Protesting, putting our fists in the air ― they have shit to do with the flag. It's all about injustice. We standing up for injustice."


The decision by many NFL players to take a knee during the national anthem has been the subject of debate over the past several months, as some — including President Donald Trump — believe the gesture to be disrespectful to the American flag and even to veterans. However, the actual purpose of the protests — as begun by former 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick and supported by many across social media as a practice of free speech — is to draw attention to the unjust treatment of Black Americans.

Jay, who showed his support for Kaepernick earlier this year on Saturday Night Live, went on to explain that police brutality is a "human issue," telling the audience, "If a young 16-year-old child leaves the house and never comes back, everybody in here should be affected ― black, white, short, tall, whomever. Everybody should be affected, because that's a young life that was cut short." He added that the person killed could have been the next Barack Obama or Muhammad Ali, but didn't have the chance to live up to their full potential.

The rapper has spoken out about similar issues in recent months, even penning a New York Times op-ed advocating for criminal justice reform, and previously helping bail out fathers so they could be with their kids for Father's Day. It's also not the first time he's spoken about the anthem protests, saying during a Miami show earlier this month that taking a knee is "not about the flag, it's about justice."

On Sunday, Jay went on to tell the Black members of his audience that they are not "second-class citizens," and should work together for change, declaring, "We some of the most beautiful, flyest, motherfucking smartest [people] on this whole planet."

Cover image via Instagram


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