After 25 Years As A Texas Deputy, He Says He Finally Got A 'Chance To Serve'

"I was left in awe and admiration of this selfless man."

Sgt. Jay Jones with the Taylor County Sheriff's Office had "no hesitation" in his heart when he made a decision to change the course of a man's life.  Jones decided to donate his kidney to an Abilene, Texas resident Clayton Bolt after learning that no one in his family was a match. 


Taylor County Sheriff's Office's Sgt. Cliff Griffin told A Plus that Jones' wife is close friends with Bolt's wife. After hearing about his medical challenges, Jones agreed to donate his kidney if doctors could not find a different match.

"After many tests, the results came back that Sgt. Jones was a match," Griffin said. Griffin could only imagine how Bolt felt when he received the good news. "I'm sure he is overjoyed. If it was me, that's what I would be," he said.  

On Sunday, Jones celebrated his 25th anniversary working at the Taylor County Sheriff's Office. Griffin said that after talking to Jones, he said: "You spend your entire career serving, then you really get a chance to serve."

Social media was full of praise for Jones' selfless act.

"When you look back on your life's achievements, I am sure donating a kidney will be one of your most profoundly proud moments. You will be fine and you will have saved a life," one user wrote on Facebook. 

Another user on Facebook wrote: "Jay you're amazing for doing this. I know you're not doing this for the heroism which makes you even more amazing! Prayers for you and Clayton that the surgery is a great success." 

The surgery took place on July 18 at the  Methodist Specialty and Transplant Hospital, and, according to the Abilene Reporter News, it went well.

 "I was left in awe and admiration of this selfless man," Griffin said of Jones' decision to donate.


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