Grannies Wearing Metal Band T-Shirts Will Make You Reconsider Their Coolness


When you picture a grandma, you are likely to think of knitted socks and button-up shirts in floral patterns. Not so fast. These bad-a** grannies break all stereotypes. 

This series, titled "Grandmas Rock," comes from Melbourne-based photographer Jay Hynes. As the artist explained to A+, the project explores the contrast between what a black band t-shirt stands for to how a grandma lives. 

Now if these ladies were wearing the "usual" granny attire, would you think of them in a different way?


The Mot├Ârhead grandma above was the first portrait Hynes shot in the series. The photographer admitted that both he and the grandma were quite nervous on the morning of the shoot

But when looking at this tough lady sipping her tea, "nervous" is the last thing that comes to our minds.

Hynes explained that initially he knew just one of the grandmas. The rest were grandmas of his friends. 

"So essentially we were complete strangers," Hay told A+. "One of the really good things for me personally was just sitting talking to them over a cup of tea. Within no time they were very open and trusting as was I. The time spent with them made me realize how much I missed my own grandma."

Whoa. These ladies look seriously metal.

Can a T-shirt change our perception of a person completely? Just something to think about.

If you like Hynes work, make sure to check him out on Instagram.

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