Photographer Snaps Side-By-Side Portraits Of People And Their Daily Belongings

All the things your things can say.

You're probably familiar with the saying "show me your friends and I'll tell you who you are."

Well, photographer Jason Travis came up with an even better way to reveal what the person is all about. Travis' ongoing project "Persona" features portraits of various people paired with shots of the items they carry around on a daily basis.

Travis started his photo series back in 2008 and has photographed over 400 individuals from all walks of life. His models are a mix of friends, family members, acquaintances and random people who caught his eye on the street.


Travis says the initial idea of his project was to try to tell a personal story with photographs.

He has always been intrigued about the things that people consider so essential that they carry them around in their pockets or bags every day.

So he started asking around and snapping portraits of both his subjects and their neatly organized belongings.

Travis says that over the time he noticed some things are commonly found in almost everyone's bags: "Keys, wallet, cell phone. Chapstick, gum, pens and notebooks also show up a lot," he told A+.

According to Travis, our daily items represent both the person we are and the person we would like to be.

"Some people carry items out of pure necessity. Others are more materialistic or nostalgic. One lesson I'll always take away is that you can never judge a book by its cover," Travis says.

According to the photographer, this project brought him closer to his old friends and helped to learn more about new ones. "Most importantly, it gave me the chance to capture a portion of their lives," Travis told A+.

To see more evocative photographs by Jason Travis, visit his website and follow his Tumblr blog.

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