This Dad Perfectly Posed For His Son's Brilliant Paintings

Coolest dad ever.

Toronto-based illustrator Jason Edmiston has been creating pop culture art professionally for 20 years and he always uses the same model as a photo reference for his paintings: his father.

"When I have a concept sketch for a piece worked out, I pop over to my parents' house and get my dad to dress up like the character while I set up lighting to match the scene," Edmiston wrote to A Plus. "He's very accommodating and willing to pose in all sorts of ways, and always manages to get into character. He never says no to a request and is always enthusiastic. I have yet to meet a better model."

Here are five of Edmiston's most incredible pop culture illustrations next to a photo of his father posing:


1. Lo Pan

2. Ash

3. Freddy

4. The Joker

5. The Lost Boys


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