Photographer Turns His Models Into Superheroes By Splashing Paint All Over Their Bodies

Liquid power!

Cover your eyes because you're about to get splashed with paint! 

No, no, just kidding. Although there will be a lot of it in this post. Polish photographer Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz has a thing for splattering paint (or milk) over his models, which is exactly what he did with his latest project, "Splash Heroes."


Miss January – Brooke Lynette

The photographer has created a calendar for 2015, featuring twelve gorgeous women all dressed in sexy, paint-splashing costumes. 

He says he was inspired by the success of his previous calendar, "Milky Pinups 2014," but the original idea to do a superhero-themed photo shoot came after seeing one of his friends' action figure collection.

Miss February – Jay Jessop

Miss March – Iga Wyrwal

According to Wieczorkiewicz, the shoot took five intensive work days and was very messy (we're trying to imagine a high school food fight for comparison).

"Milk was coloured with pigments and food colourisers to match the concepts. The biggest challenge was to accomplish specific shapes for the illustrations,"  Wieczorkiewicz writes in his blog.

Follow this link to see the behind-the-scenes footage from the "Splash Heroes" photo shoot.

Miss April – Vicky Burns

Miss May – Vicky Burns

Wieczorkiewicz originally trained to be an architect, but says he was always yearning to work more with the visual side of graphics and design. His photography career started after founding the AurumLight Studio, but Wieczorkiewicz says he appreciates everything architecture has taught him.

"Both of these worlds are keeping me focused and sharp. I went into photography because in this field the creative pay-off is much faster. I don't have to work for a two-three years to see results of my efforts," Wieczorkiewicz told N-Photo in a recent interview.

Miss June – Jay Jessop

Miss July – Tamar Leek

Miss August – Dora Marble

Miss September – Kate Austin

Miss October – Bellalatina Vivo

Miss November – Gilda Palas

Miss December – Jay Jessop

And here's the crew wishing you a happy 2015.

Follow Wieczorkiewicz on Facebook to see more of his one-of-a-kind works.

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