Jared Leto And Jimmy Fallon Played Some Game, But All That Really Matters Are The Puppies Involved

As usual, Leto's outfit was on point.

The Suicide Squad cast has been making its rounds on the talk show circuit to promote the new film. Jared Leto's visited Jimmy Fallon to chat about his role as The Joker. Of course, because this is The Tonight Show we're talking about, the host had a silly game in store for him. The pair sat across from each other on leather armchairs to battle it out during a Pup Quiz challenge. 

In the game, each contestant is asked to answer a multiple-choice question. If they get it right, they get to an adorable puppy to hold on their lap. If they get it wrong, their opponent is blessed with a new pup to hold. All of the questions are animal related, which allowed us to learn a thing or two, but mostly, we were just in it to watch Leto's puppy talk. 

See who wins (and therefore gets a lap full of puppies) in the video below: 



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