We'd Like To Introduce You To The Happiest People In The World

You can't help but smile

OK so when we first saw this we instantly became the happiest people in the continental US (because the people in Japan were already lucky enough to see and understand it). 

It's the music video for a song called "Durian Boy" by NMB48. But it's so much more than that. 

Everything about the one minute and 51 seconds you're about to embark on is happy: the tune, the laughter, the celebratory "woo woo!" that punctuates nearly every line... not to mention the bikini-clad rays of sunshine dancing around. 

It might be important to note that none of us understood a single word of the song. But we knew how it made us feel and that's the important thing.  


Is this not the happiest celebration you've ever seen in gif form?

We really can't stop smiling.

This girl is just twirling around like a happy ballerina.

And check out the choreography.

After we came down from our euphoric moment, we decided to find out if the English translation was as happy as we expected it to be. 

As it turns out, it's a teen pop love song about a lovelorn girl who likes this weird boy named Durian. (It didn't seem like anything could go wrong considering how happy these people are but alas nothing in life is easy). 

Basically, the girl knows she has bad taste but she doesn't care because she already fell in love with this weird guy so it's too late now. 

Here's what these happy ladies are singing:  

I want to show my boyfriend's picture to my best friend
But I'm afraid she's going to say I have bad taste
I want to brag about itInstead of candy
I like chocolateInstead of cake
I like salty rice crackers
Good looking guys and bad looking guys are all the same
Girls have a dream about a prince
Even though no one is looking at this prince
He's the only oneIf you fall in love he's the only one
I'm in love with Durian (boy)

And now the moment you've all been waiting for: The happiest people in the world celebrating and declaring their love for Durian boy.

Shoutout to Mineko Fiedler for translating AND interpreting this song for us. 


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