Jane Fonda And Lily Tomlin Take On Cole Sprouse In A Ridiculous Game Of Password

"That was a full-body experience."

You might think putting Grace and Frankie stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin into a game of Password with Riverdale star Cole Sprouse is unexpected — and maybe even mismatched. But once you witness how the game goes down, you'll probably wonder if Jimmy Fallon has some sort of sixth sense for his celebrity guests.

The rules for the Tonight Show version of Password (based on the classic TV game show) are pretty straightforward. One member of a team has to give one-word clues to get their partner to guess a secret "password." However, Fallon's guests can't help but go rogue.


Everyone seems a little too eager to bend the rules, with Sprouse asking if he can turn things into charades, Tomlin asking to say a dirty word that sounds like the password, and Fonda deciding to act out the word "lollipop" with a suggestive gesture.

Sprouse turns out to be the perfect adversary for the legendary ladies, as he comes up with a few quick-witted responses to their ridiculousness. "That was a full-body experience," he says of Tomlin's unconventional clue for "yuck." Later, he moves on from Fonda's "lollipop" clue by telling them, "It's my turn now. We've already had this erotic experience."

See all the antics and find out who won below:


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