The Inspiring Reasons Why Jane Fonda, 80, Would Never Want To Go Back To Her 20s

"You don't make mountains out of molehills."

When Ellen DeGeneres showed Jane Fonda a photo of Fonda in her '20s, the actress told DeGeneres she wouldn't want to go back to that time in her life "for anything."

Fonda, 80, then went on to explain all the empowering reasons why getting older is great: "It's the getting wiser part [that's] pretty nice, too ... I don't have as much ego-stake in outcomes. If something doesn't work out, eh," she says with a shrug. "If you have a whole lot of time behind you, and just a little in front of you as is the case with me, I can look back and say 'well, I survived that.' Friends have died, there [have] been divorces, there [have] been all kinds of difficult things — I survived."


"You don't sweat the small stuff," Fonda adds. "You don't make mountains out of molehills."

Fonda also adds she finds people her age to be much less hostile and anxious, and more emphatic. 

"It's just really cool." 

Fonda, of course, certainly hasn't slowed down over the years: she's been in countless movies, is currently filming episodes of Grace & Frankie, and her latest film, Book Club, is out this month. 

And we can't wait to see what she does next. 

You can check out her full interview on The Ellen Show below:


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