Latino Voter Responds To Arizona Governor's Critique Of Hispanic Voters

2016 could be historic.

Latino and Hispanic voters are poised to make their mark on the 2016 election. They've been deeply motivated to go to the polls after hearing controversial remarks from the candidates on the ballot, and now they can add one more remark to that list.

On Friday, Trump supporter and former Arizona Governor Jan Brewer was asked by The Boston Globe if Hispanics could help Hillary Clinton win her state this year. Although it's been 20 years since a Democratic candidate turned the Grand Canyon State blue, recent polls indicate a neck-and-neck race in 2016.

"Nah," Brewer said. "[Hispanics] don't get out and vote. They don't vote."

Brewer later clarified in a tweet, "It'd be great to have 100 percent turnout for all demographics in 2016. Every vote matters."

Perhaps the most empowering response to Brewer was a tweet from Diego Rodriguez, a Latino who says he will vote in 2016 and "thousands of my friends will too."


2016 could be the year when Latino voters have a tremendous impact on the outcome of the election. The number of eligible voters in that demographic have increased by four million since 2012, and 27 percent of all voters could be Latino.

Hispanics in Arizona could decide who wins their state. 22 percent of all eligible voters are Hispanic, the fourth largest Hispanic voter share in the nation. The key in Arizona will be voter turnout.

Latino activists, like Tony Navarrete of Promise Arizona, have registered tens of thousands of new voters since 2010 — and they are ready to make their voices heard in November.

"Even if [Brewer] backtracks saying she wants to see 100 percent participation rate, well so do I," Navarrete told Phoenix television station KTVK. "She has been someone who has ignited fear, anger, passion for change in our community and her comments only continue to ignite passion and energy and action amongst Latino families and young people."

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