You Thought You Were 'Good' At Tinder? Check This Woman Out

Some call it rebounding, this woman calls it opportunity.

Jamy Madison isn't her real name, but you may know her anyway. From Tinder.

That's because the Los Angeles native, who broke up with her boyfriend recently, has decided to go on what could only be called a "Tinder binge." 

"I started the blog after splitting up with a guy and feeling heartbroken and depressed," Madison — who goes by a pen name — told A+. "I needed to shake myself out of it, and so I joined tinder. I was immediately overwhelmed by the amount of guys asking me out."

That's when Madison decided to start blogging her dates. The goal? 40 dates, 40 nights, all men, all on Tinder. The blog, which you can follow here (she is only on date 12), is full of entertaining tales of these dates.


Here is an excerpt from one of her posts:

The rules of engagement:

1. A date a day for 40 days.     

2. A blog a day for each date.   

3. All dates from Tinder.     

4. Maximum of 3 dates with any one guy.     

5. No sex till monogamy - courtesy Patty Stanger (sorry friends, this will not be 50 Shades of Tinder)

But, what if Madison falls madly in love with one of these dates? That would require a lot of explaining, wouldn't it? She's thought of that, too.

"Part of doing the project was to learn to slow things down," Madison said. "I have a tendency to fall hard and fast, and this can seriously backfire. If I do fall madly in love around say, Date 27, and simply cannot continue, well, then, victory! Mission accomplished."

As for people discovering her identity, well, she's already hit some roadbumps there, too. 

"I'm actually using a pen name, as I'm sure you noticed - Jamy Madison - and I haven't done any promoting as myself in order to protect it," she told A+. "I did tell my friend, #10, since I knew him, and #9 actually somehow found out. But I decided against telling them because I knew this would compromise it."

Want to follow this tale of love? Check out her blog, 40 Dates & 40 Nights

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