An Amazing Illusionist Proved To Simon That Britain's Got Magic

There's no way this is possible. But it happened.

When Jamie Raven took the stage on "Britain's Got Talent," he seemed unassuming.


The Hammersmith native, however, has been practicing magic since he was a boy and working the club and pub circuit, trying to make his passion for magic his profession.

The 31-year-old even used magic to meet his wife, Ashley.

"Everything I do," he said, "everything is for her."

As with all skills, Raven has honed his over years and years. "Britain's Got Talent" was his big chance to show how far he's come.

"I just want them to see, basically, the decades of practice..."

He warmed up with some amazing close-up tricks, transforming a £50 note into a stack of very special "BGT" notes.

Even the stoic Simon Cowell couldn't believe his eyes... or contain his wonder.

But his next trick defied all logic and expectation...

Bringing the audience to their feet...

And leaving Cowell delightfully flabbergasted.

See the trick that led Cowell to say '"I know this sounds crazy but I now actually believe in magic."

Incredible, right?

You can say hello to Jamie Raven and see more from him on Twitter and Facebook.

Tell him A Plus sent you... but he's probably already read your mind.

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