Jamie Oliver Teams Up With A Bunch Of Celebs To Release This Rap Video. And It's All For A Brilliant Cause.

Do the right thing.

Jamie Oliver, our favorite English celebrity chef, has always been very passionate about kids and their diet. To remind us just that, Oliver is back. This time with a rap video.

Yes. Jamie Oliver. Rapping. 

OK, so he might not be the most talented rapper ever, but it's all for a good cause. As Oliver explains in the video below, the song was written by English musician Ed Sheeran as an anthem in support of Food Revolution Day.

"I urgently need your help to make a real difference. We're currently facing a global obesity epidemic, with 42 million children under the age of five either overweight or obese across the world," Jamie explains on change.org website. "The bottom line is the next generation will live shorter lives than their parents if nothing is done to rectify these alarming stats."

To draw attention to the cause, Jamie got some serious backing. In video below, he is joined by a whole bunch of musicians, from Alesha Dixon to Sir Paul McCartney himself.

"Don't give up your day job, Jamie," Professor Green, an English rapper, says in the song after Jamie raps. "I'm only joking, mate."

Check out the entire video below. You can also help make the difference by signing the Change.org petition here.


Let's do the right thing.

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