Apple Saved This Man's Life — So This Is The Powerful Way He Said 'Thank You'

A beautiful story.

James Ruth was born legally blind, but that hasn't stopped him from becoming a filmmaker.

The 20-year-old took the time to use his skills this week to deliver a special thank you to Apple. According to Ruth, the company and its accessibility products saved his life. When he was 11, Ruth explains, bullying and harassment in school became so bad that he tried to take his own life. For two years, he battled depression.

"You never know when a freak accident or disease will take your ability to physically use your body the way you once did," Ruth told A Plus. "You never know when you may start having vision or hearing loss as you age. This is something Apple already had in mind when building their products for the masses."

Fortunately,  Ruth caught a break: on his 14th birthday, Ruth and his parents wandered into the Apple Store with no intentions of purchasing anything. Instead, they walked out with a MacBook Pro, which had accessibility features that made it easier for him to work even with his vision impairment.  

With the new product, Ruth found making videos and using the Internet to be far easier, and even experienced a boost in his productivity doing schoolwork. 

"I was enduring the darkest period of my life and it only seemed downhill from there, until I made the curious decision to visit that Apple store," Ruth said. 



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