James Corden Conquers His Fear And Goes Skydiving With Tom Cruise

"Next time you come on the show, let's just do a chat."

Earlier this week, Tom Cruise offered to take Late Late Show host James Corden skydiving with him. The actor did his own stunts for his new movie Mission: Impossible - Fallout, including a skydiving scene which took 106 jumps to get right. Corden agreed, and we got to see the results of Cruise's challenge on the show Thursday night.

Although Corden had initially suggested that the stunt wasn't as hard as people were making it out to be, he was clearly nervous about the prospect of jumping out of an airplane at 15,000 feet. "I can't quite believe I'm doing this," he said.


"I feel very confident that this is something you will never forget," Cruise told Corden as they prepared for the jump.

As they sat on the plane, Corden had a suggestion for the actor. "Next time you come on the show, let's just do a chat," he said. "We'll do a chat segment at the desk, play a clip. That's it. That's all we'll do."

When it came time to take the leap (literally), Corden faced his fear. While he was strapped to an experienced diver for safety, Cruise made the jump on his own. But when they reached the ground, they were both action heroes. 

Check out Corden's entire adventure in the video below:


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