James Corden, Sting, And Shaggy Perform ‘Subway Karaoke,’ And Other Riders Are Not Amused

"Not for this grammy!"

By now, you've probably watched an episode or two of James Corden's ever-entertaining Carpool Karaoke. But in a recent bit for the Grammys, Corden — the award show's 2018 host — teamed up with artists Shaggy and Sting for a little "Subway Karaoke" session that's sure to please.

The scripted skit begins with Corden, Sting, and Shaggy entering a New York City subway and breaking out some lines from the Police's "Every Breath You Take." But before you know it, a frustrated subway rider shouts at them to stop.


After that, they perform Shaggy's classic "It Wasn't Me," and, again, subway passengers are unamused. When one rider offers money, Corden replies:

"We're not begging! We're trying to create a viral moment."

"Sorry, son, nobody wants to hear you sing," another woman tells Corden. "Not on this train."

Finally, Sting suggests that the trio sing "something new," which turns out to be Sting and Shaggy's latest collaboration, "Don't Make Me Wait," from their upcoming (and quite unexpected) album, 44/876, set for release in April. 

"We're filming this for the Grammys!" Corden tells yet another annoyed passenger.

"Not for this grammy," she replies.

Of course, this is all in good fun, and let's just say if we saw these three really singing on the subway, we'd be all ears. Check it out below:


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